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through that country were beautiful▓ly kept.The method was simple; each land▓-owner sent out twice a year a numbe●r of hands, proportioned to his land, and the ●different gentlemen took turns to superi●ntend the work.Our top-soil● goes down about two feet, b●efore reaching clay.The roads we●re kept in fine condition by● digging a good ditch on each side of a s●ixty-foot highway; the clay from the di●tch being originally thrown into the middle of t▓he road, and then twice a year those d▓itches were cleared out, and a little more clay▓ from them thrown on the road each time.The ▓great difficulty in road-making and road-keep●ing, as I know from my personal obser▓vation in the present, is not the amount of la▓bor, but the proper, intelligent▓ direction of the work.In my father’s day, t▓he office of road commissioner and supervi

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sor▓ were unpaid, and my father gav▓e his time, work, and interest uns▓tintedly. My father’s love of art, and o▓f music, and of all [Image unava●ilable.] ROBERT FRANCIS WIT●HERS ALLSTON, PRESIDENT OF T▓HE SENATE. Portrait by Flagg abou●t 1850. {21} beauty was ▓very great.It made all the difference in the w▓orld to us, his children, growing up in the ●country, so far from picture-ga●lleries and concerts and every kind of m▓usic.At the sale of the Bonaparte collection o●f pictures in Baltimore my father● commissioned the artist, Su●lly, to attend the sale and select and buy f●or him six pictures.Papa was much pl●eased with Mr.Sully’s selecti●on.They included: “A Turk’s Head,” by R●embrandt. “The Supper at Emmaus,” b●y Gherardo del Notte. “The Holy Family,” a● very beautiful Gobelin tapestr

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